This is the story of the Guys Gone Wild. This is their legend.

A group of socially retarded teens hit the streets in 1998 and taped themselves doing some really stupid shit. After a chance meeting with a major cable company CEO while pooping off a building, The Guys inked a deal for their own cable TV show.

Success was a constant problem for The Guys, and they dealt with it like the imbeciles they were. Indulging in hookers, prostitutes, and hard drugs they nearly ruined their careers. Their egos, like their penises (penii?), outgrew the show and The Guys parted ways.

From there, The Guys did their own thing from forming bands to jerking off and doing more drugs. “If you love something set it free” and if it comes back they say, make a reunion special to milk the whole thing for dollars.

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